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In France, the status of civil servant is favored for obtaining credits and credit institutions offer interesting conditions for the military in terms of financing.

The purchase of military credits

military credits

It is easy to notice that the profession of soldier like that of constable or policeman is dangerous. It is then legitimate to ask the question of knowing, will a military wishing to subscribe a purchase of credits will be granted this banking operation? Serving one’s country is difficult work and can be risky, but the military has the status of a civil servant, that is to say they receive a fixed salary and have a stable job.

Credit buying organizations are then more inclined to lend to soldiers who paradoxically have little risk of default. A study is of course necessary to determine the feasibility of a credit consolidation project when one is military, fortunately, this simulation is offered free and without commitment.

Up to 60% off your monthly payments Your project

  • Redemption of credits Finance a project Renegotiate an immo loan Currently, do you pay back mortgages?
  • * No Yes Real Estate Credit (s) Remaining amount (s) to be reimbursed
  • * € Amount of monthly payments * € Currently, do you pay back consumer loans?
  • * No Yes Examples: auto loan, loan work, revolving credit, etc … Consumer credit (s) Remaining amount (s) to be reimbursed
  • * € Amount of monthly payments
  • * € If you want to include an amount for a new project, please specify New project € Project type – To choose – car Immovable Works Staff How long do you want to repay your purchase of credits? Duration in years 
  • * – To choose – 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years) You are ?* Owner Tenant Staff housing Hosted Hosted: by a third party, by the family, etc … Value of good Present value of the property
  • * € Rent Rent* € Your job Profession
  • * – To choose – Farmer Artisan, trader Frame Entrepreneur Official Interim Disability Worker Retirement salaried Unemployed Contract

Principle of redemption of credits for military

redemption of credits for military

Soldiers who have contracted one or more loans (real estate, consumer) and wishing to reduce the amount of the sum dedicated each month to the repayment of their outstanding can turn to the repurchase of loans as a solution. Indeed, the intermediary in banking operation (BIO) allows the borrower to be a tenant or owner to consolidate all or part of its outstanding in a single loan with reduced monthly rate. He will then see the share of his income devoted to the repayment of his debts decrease, thus facilitating the management of his budget. This banking operation is possible thanks to an extension of the loan term. It is also possible to be allocated an additional sum for people with an assigned project (work, travel, purchase of a vehicle), provided that the borrower is able to honor the terms of the contract. It’s very easy and free to do an online simulation to see what the loan consolidation can bring.

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