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The repurchase of credits for teachers makes it possible to regroup its credits to benefit from a loan with reduced monthly payment.

Teachers: recourse to the redemption of credits

redemption of credits

Teaching status has probably favored obtaining credits (auto, real estate, consumption), but no one is immune from having accumulated a large number of credits or simply having monthly payments too large, thus capturing a significant part of the income. The teacher does not have enough income to pay for his credit or credits and can not compensate for the daily expenses is obliged to find a solution to his situation to avoid an imbalance and in the worst case scenarios. indebtedness.

Up to 60% off your monthly payments Your project* Redemption of credits Finance a project Renegotiate a loan Currently, do you pay back mortgages?

  • No Yes Real Estate Credit (s) Remaining amount (s) to be reimbursed
  • * € Amount of monthly payments * € Currently, do you pay back consumer loans?
  • * No Yes Examples: auto loan, loan work, revolving credit, etc … Consumer credit (s) Remaining amount (s) to be reimbursed
  • * € Amount of monthly payments
  • * € If you want to include an amount for a new project, please specify New project € Project type – To choose – car Immovable Works Staff How long do you want to repay your purchase of credits? Duration in years
  • * Owner Tenant Staff housing Hosted Hosted: by a third party, by the family, etc … Value of good Present value of the property
  • * € Rent Rent* € Your job Profession

Takeover of teacher loans: an effective solution

teacher loans,cash

The purchase of credit for teachers is the best solution for this kind of inconvenience. It is legitimate to ask the question of how the redemption of credits can be the appropriate solution? The answer is simple, this funding allows teachers to consolidate some or all of its outstandings into a single loan. The borrower then has a loan with a smaller monthly payment thereby freeing up part of his income and relieving him of the weight of no longer having control of his budget. In other words, the teacher thus enjoys the fact that he can repay a smaller sum every month for the repayment of his credits. The duration of the loan is obviously reassessed upwards.

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